7/14(Sat) Special Workshop with Gerard & Anna(Spain)




Gerard Nevot

He started dancing ballroom styles and tango at the age of 10. Gerard has dedicated 12 years to these disciplines winning the Catalunya Championship (2003) and European Championship (2007). His experience follows as a dancing teacher until the moment he discovers Lindyhop.

It has been more than 5 years from his first swing steps and since then, Gerard has been finalist of the following competitions:

–   Chase Festival (3d place in Mix&Match and Strictly, Heidelberg 2017)
–   Smokey Feet (JnJ, Strictly and Solo Jazz, Amsterdam 2017)
–   Savoy Cup (Strictly Advanced, Montpellier 2017)
–   Gastroswing (winner and finalist in JnJ Pro, Vitoria 2016 y 2017)
–   Lindy Shock (Invitational JnJ, Budapest 2016)​
–   Barswingona (JnJ Pro, Barcelona 2016)

Anna Portell


She started when she was a child dancing ballet and, having tried different dancing styles, she found her passion in lindy hop, solo jazz, electroswing and hip hop. Certified dancing teacher (Barcelona, 2006) she is a member of a hip hop dance company (Rookies of Barna) and she is the director and choreographer of Electrosisters: a small dance company inspired from a hip hop and solo jazz mixture following electroswing beat in a personal and charismatic way.

Anna is dancing swing since 2010 and she has been finalist in competitions such us:

–  The Snowball (JnJ, Sweden 2017)
–  Swinging Undermoon (JnJ Invitational, Valencia 2017)
–  Zaraswing (winner in JnJ, Zaragoza 2017)
–  Savoy Cup (Strictly Advanced, Montpellier 2017)
–  Barcelona Lindy Exchange (2nd place in JnJ, Barcelona 2016)
–  Move Your Bottom (JnJ Advanced, Valencia 2016)
–  Zaraswing (winner in JnJ, Zaragoza 2015)

■ Clips

Savoy Cup 2018 – Couple Routine Prelims – Anna Portell & Gerard Nevot


■ WHEN / 日時 : 7/14(Sat) 13:00-18:00

■ WHERE / 場所 :モラッキー / Moracky moracky.co.jp/

※You can’t get into the studio with outside shoes. Please bring the shoes for inside.

■ FEE / 料金 : 


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Please pay the fee via paypal in 7days after you got a confirmation mail.
The purchase will be completed when payment is received and confirmed.
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■ WHEN / 日時 : 7/14(Sat) 19:00-22:00

■ WHERE / 場所 :Cafetin de Buenos Aires

■ FEE / 料金 : 1500yen(with 1Drink)■ MAP