4/6(Thu) Osaka Swingin’ Night with Sinclair Ang(Singapore)


4/6(Thu) はシンガポールからシンクレアがやってきますよ♪
なお、スペースに制限がありますので 参加人数が多い場合は、先着の方を優先させていただきます。

Sinclair is coming to Osaka Swingin’ Night!!
He is teaching a lesson for the night, don’t miss this opportunity!!
There is limited space. So, If students number reached its capacity, we will not accept extra dancers for the class.
For the dance party, there is no limited so come dance with him!

20:00-20:45 Dance Lesson by Sinclair Ang(Singapore)
20:45-23:00 Dance Party
■料金 / Fee:
ワークショップを受ける方 / WS+Party 2000yen(Inc. 1Drink)
パーティーのみ / Only party  — 1500yen(Inc. 1Drink)
■会場 / Venue:Cafetin de Buenos Aires

Sinclair Ang(Singapore)

彼はシンガポールでJAZZ INC. というグループを主宰し、長年にわたってシンガポールのスイングシーンをけん引してきました。ダンサーとしても、ミュージシャンとしても多くのイベントで活躍しています。


Sinclair Ang is the founder of JAZZ INC, which promotes traditional jazz dancing from vernacular Jazz, to Charleston, and Lindy Hop through classes and performances and lectures on the dance and the music. The dancers have performed both locally and overseas, and in different media and contexts, including dance documentaries and commericals, talk shows, the stage, at festivals like Esplanade’s Flipside and da:ns Festival, SMU Arts Festival, as well as for the nation on National Day with the Dim Sum Dollies.

Having taught Swing Dancing over a decade, Sinclair Ang is a leading figure in the Asian Lindy Hop scenes, helping the many fledging scenes with workshops and teacher training master classes. In addition, he has also taught and performed in over 30 cities and 20 countries across Europe and Asia-Pacific, bringing his unique approach to the dance and music to scenes everywhere.  He is no stranger to TV in Singapore as well, having appeared in documentaries and features on dance.

In Singapore, Sinclair is also committed to working with youths, including working on the Jazz Kids for the past 10 years – children who sing jazz standards and dance authentic jazz steps. He has conducted workshops and given lecture-demonstrations to numerous Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions on Jazz dancing and the Music. He has also worked with youths at risk from Beyond Social Services, as well as helped young inmates as part of the National Youth Achievement Award.